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nimue-featureAt just 20 years of age, a multiple medal winner in the competitive swimming arena, a law student and SAstudy's "Campus Style Icon", Nimue Skin SA has struck gold with its latest spokesperson, Jean-Marie Neethling.

Ben Watkins, managing director of Nimue Skin SA, says: "For our Youth range, we were looking for a young South African that could inspire people, a role model for the youth market, someone who enjoys a healthy
outdoor lifestyle, is sporty, and also holds good values and family in high esteem." Nimue found exactly these qualities embodied in Jean-Marie Neethling who is understatedly focussed and goal-orientated. This determined, Springbok swimmer is toted as a possible medal
winner at the next Olympic games to be held in London in 2012.

At present, she is training hard to qualify for the 200m Individual Medley, the 400m Individual Medley, plus the 200 breast-stroke. In addition, this year also sees her tackling her first year of law through Kovsies, University of the Free State, and her long term plan includes completing her law studies in 2015 and to qualify as an advocate. Neethling has always excelled in the academic field – she has held academic honours since primary school, and an average of above 80% in all subjects in Grade 11, plus, last year she also studied pyschology and was voted by her peers on the SAstudy website as "Campus Style Icon". To top all this, the talented Neethling has also won several national and local art competitions.

Family is a huge influence in her life and her role models are her brother, Ryk Neetlhling and sister, Elsje, who has been diagnosed with cancer, but is a fighter who has never let the condition compromise her zest for life. The working relationship between Nimue Skin SA and Jean-Marie promises to be an enduring collaboration with both parties having a strong ethical code. Neethling says she is honoured to be the newly appointed spokesperson, and as a brand ambassador she joins Minki van der Westhuizen, Tammy-Anne Fortuin, Dunay Nortje (fiancé to Kurt Darren) and Therese Benade.

With so much on her plate: studying, swimming, giving talks at schools and sporting events, plus a new swimming
costume range in the wings, time management is essential and the unfussy Nimue Youth Range helps her immensely. "The more I have to do, the better I cope," she smiles. Asked to describe her skincare regime, she admits she is not one to fuss, so her programme must be clean, classic and fresh. In her full daily programme, Neethling practises for around 4 hours a day at the Player's Swimming Academy run by her sibling Ryk. "It is very important to
protect the skin from the dangers of overexposure to the sun's rays, especially in the swimming pool," she says. Topping her list of favourite products is Nimue Sun C, with SPF 20. This lightweight, non-oily sun protection cream offers a dual focus in providing a certified high broad spectrum UVA/ UVB protection and anti-ageing benefits with Vitamin C Ester. She enthuses about the Youth range's coolness and soothing effect on her combination skin and
credits the key ingredient of Tea Tree oil, with its known antibacterial properties.

The Nimue Youth range that Jean-Marie uses incorporates the following products:

  1. Facial Wash: Non-alkaline pH to cleanse and remove impurities without disturbing the normal acid pH balance of the skin. Assists in reducing infection. Imparts a soft and fresh, clearer and healthier skin.
  2. Facial Care: Youth Facial Care is a light oil and Vitamin A&C Ester. Exfoliates and alleviates congested skin resulting in a smoother skin with more clarity. Controls infection and regulates sebum production.
  3. Facial Balance: Youth Facial Balance is a soothing lightweight lotion based on botanicals and Co-enzyme Q10 for gentle daily moisturisation and preservation that protects healthy skin against the effects of environmental damage.

The Youth range is completed with Active Blemish Control, Purifying Youth Mask, Youth SPF 20, and Youth Lip Care.
"There has always been a strong focus on technical training and product support, and our marketing strategy now sees the Youth range coming to the fore. We are excited to welcome Jean-Marie on-board, as spokesperson to support the company in reaching this important market sector. Ideally, the youth will continue to grow with us as their skincare needs evolve." concludes Watkins.

treatment of
problematic skin

A range specially formulated for the 10-20 year old age group, who are often prone to problems such as acne breakouts.

nimue2a The NimueYouth Range contain active ingredients in the right combination, concentration and strength for regulating and maintaining normal skin function. Regular, correct treatments result in rapid improvement and restoration of young skins to glowing naturally good health.